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The first day of school is nerve wrecking for everyone.

New faces. Old faces. New rooms and an educational overhaul.

Installing an Agile Mindset

This is what I am attempting this year. After being sent home in March the world has dramatically shifted. The assumptions that were held as true seem old and antiquated.

Education has now shifted and needs an overhaul. It no longer prepares future factory workers and the world no longer needs people that only follow orders, we have robots for that.

We need people that are decisive, driven, passionate and quick. People that fail fast, reflect, reassess and move again.

Is our educational system providing that?

Agile and Scrum

After a sad ending to our school year I embraced what I called “The Summer of Learning”. I needed something to super charge my brain and breathe energy into my creative side after being drained by months of online teaching.

While searching through courses I found an introductory course to SCRUM.

The research snowballed quickly. Suddenly entrenched in blogs about Agile methodology and the SCRUM framework. Next I’m ordering <a href="http://<a target="_blank" href="">Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the TimeJeff Sutherland’s ‘SCRUM: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time’ and devoured it in 4 days.

My brain is again humming with ideas of how SCRUM can be used for students to connect, collaborate and take agency in their education. Group work can be innovative and energetic whether we would return to the classroom or connected through zoom. SCRUM is what education needs if we want students to be engaged, responsible, communicative and intelligent.

EduScrum has been developed and taught for years. Willy Wijnands is a mastermind of education. His passion for education is electrifying. He created The EduScrum Guide which takes the basic format of scrum and modifies it for the classroom. It sits at the corner of my desk, highlighted, notes scribbled in the margins and well loved at this moments. I poured though his YouTube playlists and because he is driven to make meaningful change in education he actually took time out of his busy life to meet with me. ME! A middle school social studies teacher in America that DM’ed the Eduscrum twitter handle to ask for help.

This year there are so many changes that are out of my control. With some students masked behind plexi glass in my classroom, and some sitting in their bedrooms. With an unpredictable world outside of our windows and future that we are unable to plan for I am launching the Eduscrum framework guided by Agile methologies in my classroom with my 87 8th grade students.

Join me for the journey.

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