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Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is ‘characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres’ ”

Eazy Digi EdTech Solutions holds a monthly conference to discuss how education needs to change to adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This past month I was asked to join this discussion with my agile partner Roslynn Jackson.

Our main goal was to discuss how implementing the agile framework and kanban brought essential skills into each of our classrooms. The skills that are necessary for our students to grow into innovative and successful adults are being ignored in an education system that still operates on the “Sage on the Stage” model. When students are sitting in rows, taking notes passively learning they are not able to practice the skills that are necessary in our ever-evolving world.

What we need are problem solvers. People that can think creatively and with empathy. People that can spark charge and create a tide of innovation.

Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, negotiation, and cognitive flexibility, are the skills that are our highest priority.

We must change the culture to ensure that classrooms are changed into social environments where content is tested and discussed. We should see hypotheses being created and explored, and excited conversation lifts students out of their seats.

This is where agile shines. Agile is a framework in which people work in self-determined groups to complete tasks in a frequent and sustainable way. In the classroom, this means students plan their own projects, organize their time, and communicate in a visual manner through a kanban board. They must assign tasks, due dates and define what “DONE” means. They take the role that many teachers take, but in doing so get to practice these essential skills that they will need as they step into the world outside of education.

Agile is bringing the fourth revolution into the classroom. It is embedding curriculum with essential skills.

If you have more interest in this topic please watch the Eazy Digi EdTech Conference below:


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