The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Updated: Jun 26

The Future of Education

Roslynn and I were fortunate to be invited by Eazy Digi EdTech Solutions to participate in their Virtual Educators Conference in May.

Our motivation was to share how integrating agile into K-12 education will embed necessary life skills into standardized education.

We know that the old systems of education are not adequately preparing future generations for the ever evolving world. Sorting students into specific content areas passively intaking information no longer builds the skills that the world demands. Students need to be prepared to problem solve, collaborate, be creative and build connections.

When an agile mindset is built through K-12 education our students will emerge from high school with the skills to compete in the job market. They will be prepared to immediately participate in the world and bring their innovative and exciting ideas to life.

Please watch the video below and let us know what you think!

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