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What’s on my wall

This is not in my classroom. This is at my home. When I say that Agile methodologies have changed my life, I mean it. It is transforming my teaching by removing waste and helping me “lean out” what I do in class. The same can be said for my personal life. So whether it’s sticky notes on a wall, or an online app like Kanban Zone , or software like Mural, becoming Agile is a mindset. Is my journey perfect? No. It’s not supposed to be. That’s the point. When I get it “wrong” now, I am learning to pivot from what did not work to find a solution that does. It’s so liberating. I like that feeling. That’s why I am working hard to make sure other educators and students can feel that same freedom. I’m all in👍

Thank you to, LLC, and my educational cohort for getting me started on the journey.


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